Akihabara and Sega building
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Tokyo Travel Guide for First-timers

Tokyo has that vibrant air where millenary traditions, technology, fashion, Zen gardens, and neon lights converge. The city is huge and every corner makes you feel like you are in a completely different place. That is why I decided to create this guide to show you what you should consider if visiting Tokyo for the first time. Japan had …

Ramen Vegano en Japon
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I Learned How to Make Vegan Ramen from Scratch in Japan

While I was looking for activities to do in Japan I found a very interesting announcement for Osaka. “Learn how to make your own vegan ramen from scratch!”. I love ramen and I enjoy cooking, so this seemed like a completely different activity and I thought it was an excellent idea to try. Ramen is a …

Vegan Travel essential guide

These are The Challenges of Vegan Travel And How to Handle Them

Do you have an adventurous spirit and every time you look at a picture of breathtaking mountains, pristine beaches or ruins of legendary cities you get a huge desire to rush to the airport? If the answer is yes, I think we have something in common. I felt the fascination for traveling long before going …