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I Learned How to Make Vegan Ramen from Scratch in Japan

While I was looking for activities to do in Japan I found a very interesting announcement for Osaka. “Learn how to make your own vegan ramen from scratch!”. I love ramen and I enjoy cooking, so this seemed like a completely different activity and I thought it was an excellent idea to try.

Ramen is a very popular Japanese dish, but it usually contains a lot of animal ingredients such as broth made out of pork bones. Finding vegan ramen in Japan is always welcome and much better if you can learn how to do it.

I decided to book the ramen cooking class with chef Sho. He has a kitchen workshop called Washo cooking Class located in Osaka.

AirBnb Experiences

I booked my cooking class through AirBnb. They also had another vegan cooking class available. It looked very interesting and I would have loved to take it.

If you have the chance or are interested I’ll leave the link to both below.

My Vegan Ramen cooking class in Japan

After exploring a bit of Osaka in the morning, I headed to the Osaka station. Our cooking class would take place in Ibaraki.

The class lasts two hours. This time is enough to learn the technical details of the preparation of a good vegan ramen.

Chef Sho is also an engineer. He knows a lot about food chemistry and cooking techniques that will make the ingredients increase their flavor.

We learned to make our own noodles from scratch. Also about how to choose high-quality ingredients and the magic of umami. Finally, we learned how to get a delicious ramen broth without using any ingredient of animal origin.

Both Sho and his partner were super attentive. They taught us their knowledge in a very interactive and simple way.

The Ingredients

First of all, we prepared the noodles for our vegan ramen. For this, we only used water and flour. An important point is that ramen noodles have to be chewy and soft at the same time.

I couldn’t believe it was so simple. After chef Sho gave us his tips we all made amazing vegan noodles.

To make the broth for our ramen we used Kombu seaweed and dried mushrooms. Once boiled they release this umami flavor that will make our ramen taste amazing.

Assembling our vegan ramen

To get our ramen ready to eat we pour the broth. We then mixed it with different types of miso paste, soymilk, crushed sesame seeds, and chili oil.

Next, we added the noodles and the toppings. We had very colorful toppings to make our ramen look pretty. Such as red cabbage, caramelized onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, spring onion, and toasted sesame seeds.

The final result was a ramen rich in flavor. The noodles had a perfect consistency, and each of the toppings perfectly complemented our dish.

Our Ramen had a contrast of color and flavor.

Vegan Ramen in Japan

The class includes a sample of traditional Japanese sweets and tea which was a good compliment to give the final touch to our experience.

I highly recommend this workshop to learn how to make your own vegan ramen!

Have you ever tried ramen?

Do you think that taking a vegan cooking class during your travels is an activity that you would like to experience?

I am very eager to learn about your comments or questions.

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