Panama Vegan Burger Guide-Where to Find Vegan Burgers in Panama

Who doesn’t love a good burger?

Of course, they are delicious, versatile and easy to make.

They are also a quick fix when you are hungry and leave you full and satisfied.

In recent years in Panama, an event has become very famous, the Burger week.

During that time several restaurants in the capital use all their creativity to offer innovative burgers to anxious diners.

Obviously, the options are zero vegan-friendly… Bacon, beef, cheese wrapped in bacon, chicken, burger patties stuffed with 5 types of cheese and wrapped in bacon, chorizo, bacon, fried egg with melted cheese sauce… Did I mention bacon yet?…  Well, something like that, you get the idea.

Anyway, I said to myself: – why don’t we have a Vegan Burger week?

It would awesome for us, wouldn’t it?

Although there are many veggie burgers options, not all of them are suitable for vegans.

What makes a burger suitable for vegans?

First, all its components including bread, the patty, toppings, and dressings must not have any ingredient of animal origin.

This includes mayo, honey, eggs (used both in the elaboration of bread or for varnishing, or to prepare burger patty), dairy products (such as cheese, butter, whey, ghee, dressings, etc), gelatin (not even vegetarian), lard, etc.

I started my research on places that offer vegan burgers in Panama, and these are some of the restaurants I recommend you for those days when all you want is to eat a juicy vegan burger. To Hell With the Diet!


Freaky Slider-Deli!

Karma Cafe has a concept that I love because they try to show that veganism is not a lifestyle in which you won’t have to sacrifice the taste of the things you used to love.

Many people who are not even vegan are fascinated with their innovative recipes.

They have food items as cool as a vegan Dim Sum, a charcuterie with products like salami and vegan chorizos, a fridge with various dips, sauces, desserts and juices, frozen goodies, and more.

On their main menu, you can choose from 4 different burgers options.

Karma Cafe uses colorful bread buns dyed with beets or activated charcoal. The burgers recreate classics like the Phish burger or the Nollopo (not-chicken).

My favorites are the Phish burger and the Karma burger!

  • The Karma Burger

Vegan patty, beet BBQ, cheeze and bac’n, red onion, kale, tomato, and gherkin.

  • Freaky Sliders

Two patties in activated charcoal buns with pistachio-based cheese, kale, coleslaw, onion rings, and Vegenaise.

  • Phish Burger

Hearts of palm and chickpea pattie with lettuce, tomato, and onion with vegan tartar sauce.

  • Nollopo Burger

Breaded Non-Chicken, nutzarella, onion, and coleslaw.

  Address: Calle 65 Este, San Francisco, Panama


At the moment there is absolutely nothing that I have tried in Natural Spice and haven’t liked.

Not only do they have a great variety of burgers to offer including a raw vegan version, but the price is one of the best in Panama and the taste is on point.

In Natural Spice you must specify that you want your burger vegan because they have vegan cheese and a dairy-based one.

This is a sneak peek of their burger menu:

  • Maximiliano es el Power

Double patty with caramelized onion, cashew mayonnaise, house-made mustard, and double cheese

  • La Frida

Avocado, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion, cashew cheese, chips, and vegan sour cream.

  • La Morena Sweet Republic

Patty of the day with cashew-based dressing, sweet pineapple sauce, grated carrot, and vegan bacon.

  • Nut Burger

Raw vegan patty between layers of sunflower seeds, with raw vegan dressings.

The Patties They offer are as varied as lentils, beans, beets with black rice, chickpeas, and zucchini.

  Address: La Cresta, Calle Jose Fabrega, Panama


I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit Urban Greenhouse until recently and I must say that I was delighted because it has become another of my favorite vegan restaurants in Panama.

You can get your burgers with Western potatoes, patacones (green plantains), salad, sweet potato purée or yucca with sauce.

Here you can enjoy delicious vegan food in a cozy atmosphere.

The local is quite spacious making it a great option for meetings with friends or family on special occasions.

Urban Greenhouse offers the following burger options:

  • La Mundial Burger

Black bean patty, veggie, and spices with chimichurri, roasted onion, guacamole, caramelized plantain in gourmet pumpkin bread.

  • The Kimchi Burger

Black bean patty, veggie, and spices with vegan house-made Kimchi, Korean BBQ sauce, gochugaru, carrot in a gourmet pumpkin bread.

  • The Tokoyami Burger

Lentil patty with tomato, caramelized onion, teriyaki mushrooms, lettuce, crunchy hash browns, bbq sauce and home-made sweet mustard in Gourmet pumpkin bread.

   Address: Calle 75 Este, San Francisco, Panama


Alegria is located in Coco Market and has several vegan options including a lentil-based burger with fried onions.

It is well seasoned, has a good combination of toppings between crunchy, juicy and soft textures that complement each other very well.

In addition, the price-size-flavor ratio is excellent.

You can also try their Arabian arepa, tempeh sandwich or vegan tacos.

  Address: Inside Coco Market-Vía Cincuentenario and calle 79 Este, Coco del Mar, Panama 


Their vegan “Chicken” burger includes a piece of battered tofu and kimchi. You can get it with curly fries.

  Address: In Front of the Academy of Music of Panama, Calle 71 San Francisco, Panama


They have a vegetarian burger made with quinoa and the vegan one that consists of a lentil patty, curried hummus, avocado and arugula in vegan bread.

You can order it in combo with iced tea and chips.


  • Food Court of AltaPlaza Mall, Vía Centenario Panama
  • P. H Metro Plaza, Ave.  12 de Octubre, Panama


Vitali is a healthy concept restaurant with kosher options where several of them are vegan.

Their vegan burger is a black bean and hemp seeds patty served with Ezekiel or whole wheat bread, kale, tomato, and guacamole. It comes with sweet potato fries.

  Address: C.C. Bal Harbour, Av Italia, Paitila, Panama


With a sophisticated and gourmet touch this restaurant/health food store specializes in using high quality, organic and fresh ingredients.

The vegan burger consists of homemade sourdough bread, tomato, lettuce, tofunaise, almond/seeds with spices burger patty.

  Address: Calle 67 San Francisco, Avenida 3b Sur, Panama


An Instagram-worthy spot with super colorful décor.

In Tropic deli you can find several options suitable for vegans, such as sandwiches, soups, pasta and, of course, a burger.

The Vegan burger is a mushroom with black bean patty, topped with caramelized onion, pixbae tahini, and kale pesto, accompanied by mixed salad.

  Address: Cl. 68 Este San Francisco y, Calle Matilde De Obarrio de Malex, Panama


Photo Credit: PuroLove

Every Wednesday they offer different types of thematic burgers.

Soy-based Picantosa, The Creole one which is a lentil patty,  the Mexican bean-based, the Mediterranean chickpea-based and the Panamanian bared bean-based.

PuroLove burgers are different because they use tomato slices instead of burger buns. So if you want a super fit lunch and you are avoiding the bread but still want to enjoy a burger this is the ideal place.

  Address: Av 5 Sur, San Francisco, Panama

Other places where you can find vegan burgers:

  • Sattva Wellness Bar
  • Loving Hut
  • Hip Cuisine
  • Mika Bazaar and Café
  • Dodo Bon Pan Café
  • We Fresh Market (you have to specify that you want vegan bread which has an additional cost)
  • Jungle Juice 
  • Fenicia: They have Beyond Meat burger and vegan mayonnaise, however, the bread is not vegan but it can be replaced by pita bread and they are working on an alternative of vegan bread and cheese. Very well!

I hope my recommendations have been helpful when you feel the cravings to eat a vegan burger.

Although officially there is no Vegan Burger week yet if you want to give a twist to the Burger week you can visit one of these restaurants.

Always remember to reconfirm with the restaurants that are not exclusively vegan to be sure that they don’t use bread, patty or dressings containing animals products because they can change the recipe or suppliers so a couple of questions to be sure are not too much.

And you? Have you tried any of these burgers yet? Which one is your favorite?

Do you know any other place where you can find yummy vegan burgers?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I also suggest to read this one: Panama City-Essential Travel Guide for Vegans

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Take care and happy travels


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