15 Apps To Make Your Vegan Life Easier

We live in a time where smartphones and the Internet play an important role in our life and have become much more than just a tool to make calls or send messages.

Today with our phones we can make bank transactions, take and edit photos, browse the Internet, organize our meetings or daily tasks, stay up to date with what’s happening around the world, watch movies or TV shows… you name it!

Furthermore, we can install hundreds of apps for different purposes and there are many designed to help us in our daily life in one way or another.

These are some of the applications that I consider super useful if you are on a vegan and plant-based lifestyle which can benefit you a lot either for traveling or in your everyday life.

1. Happy Cow

One of the most famous applications for when you want to find places to eat around the world and one of the favorites that I always use to plan my trips better.

Thanks to its search engine you can locate restaurants or food stores that offer vegan, vegetarian or vegan-friendly alternatives depending on the location that interests you. Additionally, you can read the reviews of users and the points given to places, its contact information, and pictures of some of the meals.

Some features:

  • Search by location filters.
  • Interactive maps.
  • Addresses, contact details, and reviews of restaurants.
  • Available in different languages like Spanish, English, Chinese, Dutch, French, Hebrew, German, Italian, Polish and Japanese.
  • Users can upload photos and give scores and assessment according to their experiences as well as recommendations and update information on the restaurants in the event of any change.

2. Cron-o-meter

I  had recommended this previously on my Vegan Guide for beginners post because perhaps during the transition it’s difficult to know the food proportions that we need to consume to be able to stay healthy and full of energy. With this application, you can have a better reference that will help you plan your menus.

Some features:

  • It tracks more than 60 nutrients and over 5000 ingredients.
  • You can add data concerning exercise or physical activity you do.
  • It allows you to customize meals and recipes.
  • Available for use wherever you are thanks to its mobile version.

3. Is It Vegan?

Has it happened to you that you bought a product which you swore was vegan but then turns out to have a compound called E901, E120 or E1105 which by the way, are animal derivatives?

To save you valued time and hours of reading ingredients at a supermarket with unpronounceable names that you don’t even have any idea of what they are, you can download Is it Vegan?.  An application that checks the ingredients and specifications of items and tells you if the product is vegan, vegetarian or neither of them.

It’s very useful especially if you’re a newbie or if you are in another country and the origin of the ingredients in products you’re not familiar with is not sure.

Some features:

  • Detailed list of the ingredients with info of what is vegan, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, etc.
  • An original list of ingredients unclassified.
  • Users can add new products to the database.
  • Functionality to scan barcodes.

Note: this application contains mostly products available within the United States so outside that territory information may be limited.

4. Air Vegan

For when you have stops at some airport but you’re not sure of what you can find Air Vegan lets you know on which terminal it is possible to have veggie options.

Airports are categorized by colors: Red (rarely any options), yellow (some) and green (variety of choices)

At the moment this application is only available via App Store for Apple devices.

5. Bunny-Free

You can verify if cleaning, cosmetic or personal products are cruelty-free. This app is free and you can search companies according to their name, brand or by scanning the barcode to review their policies regarding animal testing.

6. Cruelty-free

Similar to Bunny free with this application you can find brands and companies that do not test on animals and also feature the seal of the Leaping Bunny from the organization Cruelty-Free International.

7. Veganized

Veganized is a platform specialized in vegan food, where you can find many options to surprise friends and family, showing them that we eat so much more than just salad.

It includes a nutritional information functionality to add to each recipe and users can add their own creations and comment on those of others.

8. Vegan Passport

If you are in China, Russia or Nigeria in a place where no one speaks your language and have no idea if that food sold on the market contains dairy, eggs or fish broth because no one understands you or the other way around… then what you need is a Vegan Passport!.

Thanks to this multilanguage guide you can travel carefree and be able to communicate in more than 70 languages,  all this at the reach of your fingertips.

The only thing you have to do is find the language or country you need and show it to the person serving you.

The tool also includes references regarding the codes airlines use for their vegetarian menus and make the request for your meal easier for an upcoming flight.

9. Barnivore

You wanna have a few drinks but heard that liquor is sometimes filtered by using fish bladders or animal bones? What?!

Leave dilemmas aside and download some of the tools recommended by Barnivore,  an exclusive Guide to verify if the wine, beer or other liquor you’re interested in is suitable for vegans.

They have a database of nearly 35 thousand products, also with a section that includes a default text for use in the event that you want to contact a company and ask them if their product is suitable for vegans/vegetarians.

They don’t have an official app of their own yet, but some developers have been able to collect the information from the site and created some resources for this purpose.

10. Vegan Xpress

This app lets you know you what fast food restaurants or franchises may have vegan options, and best of all is that you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to use it.

At the moment it’s only available for iOS devices.

11. Vegan Amino

A social platform for vegan people or those interested in it. 

Some features:

  • It has a chat functionality so you talk and meet like-minded people.
  • News section to find out the latest updates.
  • Cooking tips.
  • Share your creations with others.
  • Vegan encyclopedia.

12.  Gonutss

Since you left behind animal products you thought you were never going to be able to enjoy a lasagna, Mac & cheese or just a simple ice cream?

Let me tell you that it’s possible and Gonutss can help you incredibly to create innovative recipes and find ingredients so you can recreate those meals you loved so much but without animal ingredients.

This app is great for people who are new to veganism. 

Some features:

  • Protein Calculator
  • Option to filter by fair trade, nut-free, soy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, etc.
  • Includes a small encyclopedia where you can learn a little more about plant-based ingredients.
  • Calculator for baking and egg replacements for your recipes.

13. Veggoagogo

Veggoagogo has several functions, from restaurant locator to translator, with phrases in 50 languages that will help you communicate your dietary requirements at the time of ordering food.

14. Vanilla Bean

Similar to Happy Cow is a search engine of restaurants with veggie options that also includes a section of recipes. The disadvantage is that it does not have a database as large as the former and is not available for download in some countries.

15.  Yummly

A platform that contains more than 1 million recipes and in which you can select according to the category and features that interest you.

It gives you the possibility to store them, organize your shopping list, filter by the level of difficulty, number of ingredients or prep time for simpler or more elaborate meals.


Other apps that may be of interest to you:

  • EWG healthy living – guide of products with scores in terms of its components and possible damage to health safety so that you can make responsible decisions regarding your purchase.
  • Daily dozen-Keep track of the foods that Dr. Greger recommends in his book “How Not To Die”
  • Forks over knives – Recipes
  • Monster food – Recipes
  • Vegman – Search for restaurants with Vegan/Vegetarian options  
  • 21-Day Vegan Kickstart – guide of 21-day vegan that includes menus and nutrition information.

Did you know any of these apps? What other do you use that has helped to make your vegan life easier?

Let me know your opinion in the comments below!

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